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Oscar Lolang

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Solo  /  Folk
Price: Private
Oscar Lolang (born in Jakarta, Juli 2nd 1993) is a singer-songwriter and folk musician from Indonesia. He is a big fan of both American and British folk music, including Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Peter Paul and Mary, Pete Seeger, to Simon & Garfunkel. His first single, Eastern Man (released in early 2016), is an anxiety on the lives of the people of Papua. This song got many positive reviews because of his braveness, boldness, and honesty in music. Oscar is labeled as a fresh-gem in Indonesian folk music scene. Since he was a child, he has been playing guitar and putting a lot of interest to history, culture, humanism, and folklore. While an early Anthroplogy student (2014), he started his musical journey with his group of friends, ‘Jam Malam’, before he decided to go solo and joined a young records label from Jakarta, Karma Records. To this date, Oscar has released one demo-album, one single, and now in final progress of making his debut album.

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